Frequently Asked Questions

Sponsorship and Donation Questions...

Can I send a donation without going through Paypal or the internet?

Yes! Please address your envelope to:

     Sunrise Children's Home International, Inc.

     P.O. Box 1342

     Redmond, OR 97756-1342

What if I want to send a donation for a specific purpose?

Please send a note with the donation specifying the purpose or the child that the donation is intended for and mail it to the address above.

Will I be able to send email to the children I am sponsoring?

Yes! It is best to communicate with your child via e-mail if possible. This saves money and time and is much faster and reliable than regular mail. You will receive the email address and postal address upon receipt of your first donation.

Can I send gifts or letters via mail to the children?

Yes! Address the package specifically to your children. Please email us before sending packages so they will know when to expect them. If it is a larger package, please write us for further instructions. You will receive the postal address upon receipt of your first donation.

I wrote an email to my children, but have yet to receive a response!

Please be patient when expecting a response from the children. The internet connection is very slow and very expensive, so they do not check the email every day. If you feel it has been an abnormal amount of time please write to the administrators and we will investigate the problem.

Will I receive a packet of information including a photograph of my children?

To save money and resources your children's information will be sent to you through e-mail along with an electronic picture. We do not have the resources currently to send packages of information or print the images. All of the images are taken via a digital camera that was donated last year. The digital camera allows us to take many pictures on a regular basis.

Will I get an updated picture of my children each year?

We do not track how often images are sent out to the sponsors. If you would like a recent image at any time please email us and we will arrange for a current image to be taken and emailed to you. Check the website often as images are updated on a regular basis and you may see your child featured in a story or event.

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