How To Help


Due to Argentina’s government only funding a fraction of the total operating costs, the orphanage runs in the red approximately $3000 per month.  Shortfalls in the monthly operating costs are met using donations and support from sponsors like you in addition to support from local organizations in San Nicolas.  Sunrise urgently needs financial support to help bridge the gap between funding levels and the base operating costs of the home.

Your support will be used to maintain the home and meet the needs of the children.  Although we appreciate the thoughtfulness of giving supplies, we encourage you to send cash donations so the staff can take care of the highest priority needs.  At least 95% of cash donations go directly to meet the needs of the children.  All of the United States based Board of Directors are volunteers and receive no salary or compensation for their time.  Please contact us if you would like to become a sponsor or contribute toward meeting one of our urgent needs.

The general operations areas of need for the children of the home include: food, clothing, bedding, education and educational supplies, and transportation.  Sunrise helps house, feed, clothe, and nurture over 70 children.  Your donation dollars help break they cycle of poverty, abuse, neglect, and abandonment that is responsible for their being in the home in the first place.  Please see the urgent needs page to find out the areas of greatest needs. 

Sunrise is also always in need of additional supporting funds.  Whether it is for basic needs, repairing broken windows, assisting with building maintenance, or other projects, Sunrise is always in need of continued maintenance.

The home is also in need of self-supported workers who believe in and live by Christian principles to help as guides, counselors, mentors and surrogate parents.  Spanish language skills are a definite plus.

How can you help? Commit to sponsor a child on a monthly basis. There is no minimum commitment; whatever you can afford will be greatly appreciated and put to good use. You can also make a one-time donation to help meet some of the special needs listed on this web site. Fill out the donation form and keep the children in mind in the future. Anytime you can spare the money, you can fill out the form again and mail in a check or send money by PayPal.

When you commit to sponsoring a child, we ask that you not only send money, but also communicate with the child as much as possible, especially on special occasions. Short letters let your child know that someone far away is thinking about them. Letters or e-mails can be in any language. Some children are studying other languages and this is good practice for them.

Please let us know what we can do to improve the sponsorship program. Send any suggestions to our email. Your help is greatly appreciated and we know you will be blessed.

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”
Anne Frank
Ongoing Needs of ‘El Hogar’
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